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Circular stuff belongs back in the cycle. You can find out here how to return your old circular FREITAG products so they can be used to create something new.

Your Mono[PA6] Backpack reached the end of its life? You have an F385 CIRC-CASE you can no longer use? A job for our take-back service: We take back your worn-out companions and ensure they are returned to the cycle.

Mono[PA6]: easily recycled thanks to mono-materiality


From the water-repellent primary material to the zippers, cords and buckles, the FREITAG Mono[PA6] Backpack is made from a single material: polyamide 6, PA6 for short, better known as nylon. Thanks to being a mono-material, it can be easily recycled as a whole at the end of its life without the need for time-consuming dismantling. We take back used Mono[PA6] Backpacks, collect them, and then send them to our recycling partner. There, they are shredded and processed into PA6 granulate, which can be used to make new things, such as backpack components.

Mono[PA6] Backpack

Your Mono[PA6] Backpack’s way back into the cycle


There are several ways to return your backpack so that its journey back into the cycle leaves as few traces as possible.

  • First, you use your Mono[PA6] Backpack for as long as possible. It is designed to be rugged and durable. And if something does happen, it can be easily repaired.

  • At the end of its life, you take your backpack to a nearby FREITAG Store on your next visit. We’ll then ensure it gets back to Zurich as efficiently as possible.

  • If there isn’t a FREITAG Store near you, simply contact us. We’ll work out a solution to suit you.


Making circularity happen is a shared responsibility. Thank you for doing your part by bringing us back your old Mono[PA6] Backpack.

+++ ATTENTION: This page is exclusively for returning discarded items to the cycle. If you want to return your Mono[PA6] Backpack because it has a defect, please go this way to Returns. +++

F385 CIRC-CASE: The circular après-ski boot sleeve


CIRC-CASES are made of recycled thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU-R) sourced from old ski boots. Like the ski boots, the discarded CIRC-CASES are also shredded in Davos, Switzerland. Another batch of granulate is extruded from these and used to make CIRC-CASES or some other product.


And this is how your CIRC-CASE gets back into the cycle


To ensure that the process of getting things back into the cycle leaves as small a footprint as possible, you have several options:

  • Take your old CIRC-CASE with you next time you go to a FREITAG store and hand it over to the crew. We’ll then make sure it gets back to Davos, Switzerland. 

  • Alternatively, you can post it to the nearest FREITAG store with a note asking us to «Take this back».

  • If you live in Switzerland, send it to us directly at: FREITAG Store Davos, Promenade 131, 7260 Davos.


On that note, thanks for sending or bringing back your CIRC-CASE. Do you need a new sleeve for your iPhone®? Here’s where to find a fitting, freshly recycled CIRC-CASE:

+++ ATTENTION: This page is reserved exclusively for getting discarded items back into the cycle. If you want to send your CIRC-CASE back because it doesn't fit or you ordered the wrong one, go this way to Returns. +++

PS: If you think sending a single backpack or a small phone sleeve back to Davos from Asia – even as part of a bulk shipment – isn’t exactly the best form of circularity, you’re right. Which is why we’re working to find a solution that’s closer to home for a wide range of situations.

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