There’s a few things that truck tarp could never be: soft, light and flexible. So we went on the hunt for a solution that would respect our core material while still providing new functions.

I’d been considering combining tarp with technical fabric ever since applying for a job at FREITAG. Shortly after it began, I took over a project that aimed to combine tarp with fabric made from recycled PET – not just as an inner lining, but on the outside of the bag as well.

These bags would meld an active lifestyle with an after-work vibe. The combination of fabric and tarp would create a sense of ease and a feeling of weightlessness in everyday life, which would then shape our product development and communication.

Today, I’m a FREITAG Category Manager and the story is drawing to a close.


A key – and highly time-consuming – part of the project was the hunt for materials that would combine harmoniously with our individual truck tarps and uphold our principles of upcycling and functionality. After a lot of research and a whole raft of tests, we found our material:

A PFC-free fabric our partner We aRe SpinDye®, made from 100% recycled PET.

This fabric is dyed during spinning using the spinneret technique, which requires far less water, chemicals and energy than the conventional piece dyeing process.

«Ease and a feeling of weightlessness in everyday life shaped the product development and communication.»

Intensive rounds of real-life testing and feedback from urban individuals drove the development of the models and their functions.

The result is new bags that reinvent sport, spontaneous shopping trips, strolls through the city and other standard urban situations, while always keeping the spotlight on our most important identifying characteristic – their individuality.  


Our individualized backpack that’s protected with a recycled piece of tarpaulin and made of a water-repellent fabric manufactured from empty PET bottles. It’s designed specially for young iconoclasts, brainstormers and anyone else who plans to change the world for the better and has a valid college/high school student or trainee identity card.

Never stop learning