Anyone who wants to understand how the world works reads books. That’s why there are books about Icelandic ponies, trailing calendulas, how to make your dwarf bunny rabbit happy, ancient Viking ruins in Newfoundland and artistic ideas for soap carvings.It’s high time that a book about FREITAG joined their ranks!

It bears the apt title of «FREITAG – Out of the Bag (in German «FREITAG – Ein Taschenbuch») and is published by Lars Müller Publishers. Its author is Renate Menzi, curator of the «FREITAG – Out of the Bag» exhibition at the Museum of Design in Zurich.

We’re just as excited as you are to see what’s inside, but we’ve heard that the book is a snapshot based on interviews with the Bros. and the F-Crew, material pertaining to the supposed FREITAG secret recipe and previously kept under lock and key, as well as spectacular unpublished photos.


459 F-riends helped us celebrating the release of «FREITAG – Out of the Bag». The following 12 photos show more than the 2 Bros. but less than the 672 beers, 76 bottles of wine and 383 hot dogs, offered as a sacrifice to author Renate Menzi and publisher Lars Müller.

One book in Paris

Never has Paris been more F-ormidable to us: FREITAG and ARTAZART, F-Dealer No. 1 in La Grande Nation, celebrated on June 21, 2012 the launch of "FREITAG – Out of the Bag", the book that traces the F-history. Cheers to all of you for coming, celebrating - and reading!

Le livre

Just like our bags, the official book about FREITAG is also currently making its way around the world. «FREITAG – Ein Taschenbuch» has been translated into English (FREITAG – Out of the Bag), Korean and Japanese. We are now very excited about the French version published by Helvetiq Verlag: “L’affaire est dans le sac”.

We toasted to it at the launch in Lausanne – avec les frères FREITAG and l'écrivain Renate Menzi.