Fresh-Up Wallets Group Shot
Fresh-Up Wallets Group Shot


Our new wallets are compact and solid on the outside. But inside, they give you tons of space and organization not only for your cash but all the other things you have in there.



As flexible, everyday companions adapted to different needs, the six new FREITAG wallets made of recycled truck tarps are much, much more than mere money transporters.

The zipper on F255 PARKER, F256 BARROW, F257 SUTTON and F258 WERLER ensures that everything inside stays inside. The two smallest wallets, F280 LAZARUS and F281 BRANDON, are slim billfolds and fit snugly into even the tightest pair of jeans. Thanks to the myriad truck tarp color combinations made possible by the outer compartments used for contactless payment, each of the unique pieces is instantly recognizable. Any time, any place.


Apart from using discarded materials, we also focus on giving our products a long life. The wallets, for instance, have no lining, which means they can be easily taken apart. Or, if necessary, repaired one day.

Fresh-Up Wallets F256 BARROW
Fresh-Up Wallets F258 WERLER
Fresh-Up Wallets F257 SUTTON
Fresh-Up Wallets F255 PARKER
Fresh-Up Wallets Group Shot


Apart from a rapid-access outer compartment for cashless payments, F255 PARKER has plenty of space for all the unimportant stuff you can’t live without.

F256 BARROW comes with the same features, except they’re all bigger.

F257 SUTTON has a mind-blowing 5 pockets offering space for up to 17 of your most frequently used cards.

F258 WERLER is the big brother, coming with space for 15 organized and 13 unorganized credit, club, and other cards.

F280 LAZARUS is the little unknown. Foldable, it fits into the tightest shorts and has 5 inner pockets with space for your 9 most important cards.

F281 BRANDON can do all of this too, but has space for up to 13 cards with an additional outer compartment for rapid access. 

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