Let’s talk money. Our Category Manager Anna is here to give you totally subjective facts and figures on which wallet is best suited to your cash-carrying needs. 

Cut from different trucks’ recycled tarp, all our bags and accessories are unique. But no accessory is as personal as a wallet. And when it comes to choosing the right wallet, there are as many opinions as there are FREITAG products – so I’m here to add my personal recommendations to the heap.


You can pretty much store anything in F558 LEONARD and F559 PENNY: cards, bills, notes, coins, pretty buttons that fell off your pants. And to let the truckload of patterned tarp designs really shine, we’ve even decided to leave out the FREITAG logo. 

Ideal for: Those who want it all and can’t decide between understated and overstated.


Although F705 SECRID × FREITAG and F54 BRANDON look completely different, they have one thing in common: they’ve taught me to carry only my most important cards around with me. F705 SECRID × FREITAG fits exactly eight cards . All I need to do is flick the quick access lever and hey presto: six of my cards shoot out of the tarp shell – oh so fun! 

Ideal for: People who hate carrying cash but want instant access to a payment method.


Inspired by origami, the art of (truck tarp) folding, F50 E.T. and F51 DALLAS have an extra-large main compartment that folds out, with space for almost an entire coin collection. The F50 E.T. was a very practical companion when I was on vacation in Italy, where I became an involuntary coin collector thanks to the eight different euro coins. 

Ideal for: Coin hoarders and collectors, and anyone who likes to pay for things to the tune of a jingly soundtrack. 

«People expect big things from something as small as a wallet.»


F554 MAX and F555 CAROLINE will secure all of your riches with their snap fasteners. We’ve made the card compartments slightly longer for these models, which means you can fit multiple cards in each of them. And should my F555 CAROLINE end up empty despite the ample space for coins, cards and bills, I look forward to being able to see the different-colored interior. 

Ideal for: Lovers of detail who need lots of wallet space. 


F05 BLAIR and F533 FAY are actually just pretending to be wallets. Nevertheless, they’re still ideal for holding money and all kinds of bits and bobs. We designed the F533 FAY travel pouch to include enough space for tickets, your passport, credit cards and any other travel documents you might need. My favorite hack: F05 BLAIR fits perfectly into F533 FAY’s passport compartment. Slip it in and voilà! You have a mini wallet inside your travel pouch. Babushka style.

Ideal for: Free spirits who don’t want to feel restricted by too much order. 


If you know by now which wallet is the right one for you, all that’s left to do is choose the perfect tarp. 


And in case the subjective tips weren’t enough, here are a few facts and figures set down in black and white: