This is where we gave away the first batch of our favorite bags.



On the morning of our 20th anniversary, every FREITAG employee was given a TOP CAT. We were supposed to leave it somewhere on the way home from the party at Lake Pfäffikon that night, so that the cycle would keep on moving


Anna is our Category Driver for R-numbered tarp bags and all recycled accessories. Or, for those of you who don’t understand F-business language: Anna is the mother of our product portfolio and BIRD was her first product launch. Now, she's giving away her BIRD. You might remember it from our Instagram channel or as a supporting actor in the how to movie.


Patrick from sales has been an avowed HOFFMAN fan from the very beginning. Ever since the first round of sampling, he and his Good Business Bag have been commuting on the number 32 bus from Zurich’s District 5, over the hill to the tarp HQ and on to Oerlikon – and back again.


You might know Bianca from her pictures. Not that you’d actually have seen her – she’s usually behind the camera, next to the photographer. She’s addicted to MIAMI VICE, and now she’s giving away her first and most beloved bag – which is also a favorite with her dog. (The dog isn’t addicted to MIAMI VICE; just the smell of recycled truck tarp.)


Originally, she sold bags in the F-Store in Cologne. Then she made the jump to Nœrd and, as a production planner, ensured that everything was in the right place at the right time to keep the world supplied with F-Bags. Now, she’s our controller – so she’s really seen it all. As has her FREITAG bag.


Larissa didn’t just pick out her favorite bag like the rest of us. She actually made it herself. The sales circle is her patch and she once jumped the queue at an F-Cut event so she could finally cut her own MIAMI VICE.


Nadia from the brand team manages journalists from all around the world and ensures that our German texts are proofread and then translated into Italian, English, French and Japanese – and soon Korean as well. Her Pete is the only one of her favorite bags not to feature her favorite color – pink.


My first job at FREITAG was to come up with the communication campaign for the Reference launch. It involved the biggest photo shoot in FREITAG history, with top Austrian photographer Bela Borsodi. And when we painted a wall pink for the photos, my BONNIER also got its share of the action.


Today, Jesper handles sales for our neck of the woods – Switzerland and Austria. Until recently, he was also responsible for ‘rest of the world’ and supplied F-Dealers from Australia to Taiwan with unique bags.


Flo is a sharp-eyed safe pair of hands when it comes to style – and he’s always on his feet, traveling from Japan to Davos via Milan to ensure that the display walls, action points, shelves and shop windows in all of our F-Stores always look indecently good.


Yasmin's roles in FREITAG’s holocratic organization have fancy names like Back-Office Wizard, Holocracy Expertise Broker and FEF Coordinator, and her dancefloor choreography in her downtime is even fancier.


Ollie moves in mysterious ways – from the branding department to the General Company Circle. He fell in love with his FRINGE almost as soon as he arrived with us, but tragically, it was already up in the online store and there weren’t any models left for employees. However, he was in love, and he didn’t give up until he’d got one.


Dani is giving away his HORST! This was one of our bolder men’s handbags, for daring men with a feminine side. This series was made from exploded airbags rather than old tarps.


Everyone who works at FREITAG gets to choose a bag as a welcome gift when they start. I have to admit that I picked the most expensive model I could find. I could come up with plenty of plausible reasons why that’s not a problem – after all, I’m FREITAG’s copywriter. But nothing can soothe my guilty conscience.


When we try to call her Raffi, Raphens or kiddo, she doesn’t want to play ball. But when something “doesn’t look good”, it’s game on – and Raphaela’s work begins. After all, Raphaela is our graphic designer and brand-o-mizer princess. You can tell from her favorite bag – and that’s why we also call her Graphens.


Thomas, Pico and Ahmed may be tough, but they have hearts of gold. They disassemble even the dirtiest and most cumbersome tarps without batting an eyelash. In their breaks, they let their softer side take over from the lumberjack mentality, and showcase their deft touch with a football... or at least, they try to.



The FREITAG crew are gifting 44 of their own unique bags. The application period for each gift lasts a week (12/1-12/8, 12/8-12/15, 12/15-12/22). During this time, you can use the online application form to send a message directly to the gift giver, in German or English. They’ll then decide who they want to give their bag to. At the end of the event, the bags will be sent off to their new homes along with a personal message from the giver, ready to start their third life with you after Christmas or in the new year.

PARTICIPATION: Anyone can participate. NO SPAM: You're welcome to apply for more than one gift, but your chances won't improve if you keep sending us long messages. NO CORRESPONDENCE: It's peak season for us at the moment, and we’re very busy. Don’t expect answers to your questions or explanations about why you’re not one of the lucky winners. NO COMPLAINTS: The gift givers will decide for themselves who to give their beloved bags to. YOUR DATA: Your secrets are safe with us; we’ll only use your email address for F-Mas-related communications. NO CASH ALTERNATIVES: We won’t take your money (or other bribes) and we won't give you any, either. NO WARRANTIES: The bags are hale and hearty, but they’re not new. NO EXCHANGES: If you don’t like your bag after all, give it to someone else. That’s how the production cycle works! NO TEARS: Please don't be sad if you don’t get anything. Life isn’t always fair, especially at Christmas.