Francesca is the apprentice at our flagship tower. Don’t be fooled by her small stature: she’s more than equal to the towering heights of her workplace.

Konosuke's Story

Konosuke has been holding the fort in the FREITAG Store Shibuya for 3 years, and now he’s giving away his PEGGY. In Japan, PEGGY isn't just a women’s bag – it’s for everyone, and you're just as likely to see men buying and carrying it.

Denis' Story

Denis is our dunkin’ dispatcher. He’s just as efficient at sending finished products out into the world as he is at slamming balls into the net above the shop floor.

Emiko's Story

Emiko has been the heart and soul of the FREITAG Store Ginza for 6 years. Once she takes a liking to something, she’s loath to let it go again – but she's making an exception for her DEXTER.

Markus' Story

If you’re looking for Markus, he and his HAZZARD are bound to pop up in front of you sooner or later: he’s DA (German for "here")! And his HAZZARD was also DA when Markus took his first stint as a F-eeder for our Instagram channel.

Jeannine's Story

Jeannine is our F-riendly representative for south-east Asia. She's currently opening two FREITAG stores in collaboration with our local partner Pronto: one in Bangkok and one in Chiang Mai.

Rolf's Story

Rolf is our Mister F-abulous. He may never have played trumpet with the Blues Brothers, but he’s been in plenty of other bands and orchestras – and he’s first fiddle in the HR department at FREITAG as well.

Chris' Story

Chris is our virtual commercialist and the FREITAG online store is his baby. That means that when you’re roaming on, he’s lurking on almost every page, trying to sell you something. Except here – for this week only, he’s offering you his beloved black KOWALSKI.

Tania's story

If you have a problem with us, you might well end up dealing with Tania: she’s one of the F-riendly problem-solvers on the customer care team. She’s as tough on your problem as she is kind to you – or even tougher. The kettlebells she trains with could tell you a story or two...

Zija's Story

Zija is an old hand in the wash team. He’s washed the tarps for bag models that don’t even exist anymore – including NOYER, one of the first craft women’s bags. (He gave one to his wife.)

Tanita's Story

Tanita is our leadlink in our brand circle, and is responsible for projects such as our TARP BLANCHE animated film series. Neil Stubbings, the creator of the first film in the series, stuck her ‘galaxy burger’ sticker on her black TSCHINGEL bag himself at the premiere of TRUCKIN’.

Marina's Story

Marina manages our first – and highest-lying – FREITAG store in Davos. She found her PEGGY with its big gold star behind the seven F-Shelves and bought it immediately, as it reminded her of sailing the seven seas on her trip to Vietnam.

Aki's Story

Aki works at the F-Store Shibuya. Her HILTEN has been her favorite traveling companion for 3 years now – although obviously not to the Hilton.

Ilke's Story

By day, Ilke plans the production of our 100% compostable textiles. By night, she plans and cooks her lunch for the following day (and, of course, puts the scraps in the compost). She loves her AHLGREN because it’s roomy enough for all her lunchboxes.

Christian's Story

Christian has ended up in more or less every European backwater in his search for top-quality tarps, manufacturers and vacation spots. His Pouch has kept him company along the way, and it’s visited every country in southeastern and eastern Europe - except for Belarus.

From Fadil with love

You may well already have seen or carried one of the bags that Fadil puts together with his template and tarp cutter: of all our colleagues, he’s the one who's been with us the longest. He’s been working at FREITAG for 19 years now, and all possible tarp types and colors have passed through his hands in his role as a bag designer.



The FREITAG crew are gifting 44 of their own unique bags. The application period for each gift lasts a week (12/1-12/8, 12/8-12/15, 12/15-12/21). During this time, you can use the online application form to send a message directly to the gift giver, in German or English. They’ll then decide who they want to give their bag to. At the end of the event, the bags will be sent off to their new homes along with a personal message from the giver, ready to start their third life with you after Christmas or in the new year.

PARTICIPATION: Anyone can participate. NO SPAM: You're welcome to apply for more than one gift, but your chances won't improve if you keep sending us long messages. NO CORRESPONDENCE: It's peak season for us at the moment, and we’re very busy. Don’t expect answers to your questions or explanations about why you’re not one of the lucky winners. NO COMPLAINTS: The gift givers will decide for themselves who to give their beloved bags to. YOUR DATA: Your secrets are safe with us; we’ll only use your email address for F-Mas-related communications. NO CASH ALTERNATIVES: We won’t take your money (or other bribes) and we won't give you any, either. NO WARRANTIES: The bags are hale and hearty, but they’re not new. NO EXCHANGES: If you don’t like your bag after all, give it to someone else. That’s how the production cycle works! NO TEARS: Please don't be sad if you don’t get anything. Life isn’t always fair, especially at Christmas.