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Freitag Voucher



The FREITAG WOWCHER is redeemable in the online shop and in these FREITAG stores, offering free choice across 25,000 unique bags and F-ABRIC pieces – the perfect gift! Here’s how it works:

  • After receipt of payment, you will receive an eight-digit code by email.
  • This is valid for three years and can be redeemed in these selected FREITAG stores from Tokyo to Davos, as well as in the online shop.
  • Wowchers can also be bought in these FREITAG stores in the currency of the country in question.
  • The Wowcher amount can be used as partial payment.
  • The Wowcher cannot be combined with other vouchers when redeemed at
  • When redeemed in another currency, the relevant day’s exchange rate applies.


Here you can find our MICRO DRAGNET model kit to bridge the gap. Simply download it, cut it out and stick it together! Then you can put your artistic talents to work on decorating it and hide the eight-digit Wowcher code somewhere inside.

*Redeemable only in these F-Stores