We launched the ZIPPELIN on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.com from September 12 to October 12 2017. Here, you can find out everything you need to know about the first totally unique intercontinental travel companion that won’t get in your way once you’re back home.


The ZIPPELIN is lifting off!

It didn’t even take us a day to reach our funding goal of EUR 100,000, meaning that the ZIPPELIN is now lifting off proudly into real-life production. During the campaign, exactly 1,071 backers (supporters) grabbed their ZIPPELIN. Now they’ll be able to select their perfect travel bag from a range of unique options. Exactly how many, and exactly how early they get to do so, depends on which reward (offer) they selected.


The solution is nothing to do with bulky rods or suitcase shells – in fact, it was inspired by our favorite method of transport. Inside the ZIPPELIN is a standard bike tube, which can be pumped up with your usual bike pump and changed quickly and easily via the zipped compartment.

«Inside the ZIPPELIN is a standard bicycle tube.»

Once you're safely back home and have let all the air out, the 85-liter bag shows its true strength: when it’s rolled up, the ZIPPELIN will take up the same amount of space in your cupboard as that two-liter bottle of whiskey from duty free.

You can find further information and details about the ZIPPELIN on kickstarter.com.

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