Through BEYOND, we want to immerse ourselves in a region of West Africa to establish a close connection between Africa and Europe, and we’ll do so with a seemingly mundane topic: surfing.

How do people experience the rise in leisure culture and the values that the west embraced in the sixties, such as individualism, personal fulfillment and the dominance of free time? Where are the potential conflict points with local traditions and where could they find common ground? And even more fundamentally: what is important for people and how can we adapt, wherever we are?

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Surfers of all ages, craftsmen, tycoons, taxi drivers, nomads, fishermen, pioneers, women at markets and tourists – we interviewed them all.

Our six-strong European media team is looking to document this moment in history in an engaging and authentic film. Every day, the cross-media concept allows the team to compile film clips, sound bites, photographs and written work, combining impressions captured during their journey from Arabic-influenced Morocco to Senegal via Mauritania.

«FREITAG and the BEYOND film crew move in different circles but are on the same wavelength. We are united by our mutual respect for alternative ways of thinking and unconventional approaches, as well as our passion to be inspired and challenged.»