FREITAG and Beyond - Funky old Medina

The administrative center of power of the Moroccan Kingdom isn’t exactly heaving with tourists. Most travelers inspired by Arabian Nights are attracted to Marrakech or Fes, looking to experience the oriental way of life regardless of whether it’s authentic or for show. However, Rabat is a great place to visit away from the tourist hotspots.

The Medina, the capital’s historic center, is simply stunning. And the portrait of the king is almost as ubiquitous as the prepaid mobile phone cards: modernization is the king's order of the day.

The incredible buzz of people, voices, visual impressions, sounds and scents flooded our senses beyond the stone gates – The medina is a magical place where modernity meets the swan song of a time long forgotten. Time ticks differently here, a city full of life and brimming with an innovative spirit where a diverse art and commerce scene merge together. Delicious Kefta meatballs tempt hungry travelers to take a break.

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The medina is the perfect setting for our film crew to discover unexpected stories. Meet, for example, Oumaima, who lives in the medina with her family and seems to know every corner of this maze – for which we were grateful. We followed her with our audio and video equipment on our shoulders as she ran errands in her hometown.

The Beyond caravan is heading south. Next stop: Safi.

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